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Through a short Q&A, we aim to bring the public closer to the stories and ideas behind local brands. Today, we have invited the founder of a local woodworking brand, chichoimao, named Sing, to share more about the philosophy behind chichoimao.

【Brand Introduction】

Established in 2018 by Sing, a full-time photographer in Hong Kong, chichoimao is a brand that embraces local culture. Inspired by the world of woodworking during a trip to Taiwan, Saint decided to return to Hong Kong and shift his focus to the suburbs. With his beloved cats by his side, he embarked on a journey of woodworking, passionately designing and crafting various products. chichoimao specializes in using traditional joinery techniques to create small-scale solid wood furniture suitable for Hong Kong's living environment. Each piece is meticulously handmade, exuding a unique warmth. Through his creations, chichoimao is dedicated to creating a comfortable and pleasant living environment for people.

【Sharing by Sing from chichoimao】

S: Can you tell us about the challenges you encountered in establishing chichoimao?

Sing: When starting chichoimao, resources were the main difficulties I encountered. The high rent in Hong Kong made it hard for a startup like mine to afford a dedicated shop to showcase my works. Additionally, finding equipment and other resources in Hong Kong was challenging, as every part needed to be imported from mainland China or overseas.

S: How do you stay motivated and passionate about chichoimao?

Saint: As the founder of chichoimao, I design and handcraft all my works in Hong Kong. When people see my works and are surprised to learn that it's a brand from Hong Kong, the satisfaction I feel is immense and keeps me going. I pour passion and effort into each piece, and I take pride in that. It also represents the uniqueness and value of local creativity in Hong Kong. Through chichoimao's creations, I believe I can showcase Hong Kong's creativity and craftsmanship to the world.

S: Could you share the story behind the name and logo of chichoimao?

Sing: "chichoimao" is the Cantonese pronunciation of "自在貓" (chichoimao), and the brand's logo features my beloved cats, Kin Kin and Ar Mei. Through my works, I aim to create an atmosphere that reflects a relaxed and elegant lifestyle. I strive to create works that resonate with people's lives, allowing them to find moments of tranquility and joy.

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Sing - Founder of chichoimao


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