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🌟 SCANNOW app:CITY - EXPLORING app - EXPLORE to Earn ! 🌟

Scannow is not just a city exploration guide;

it's your delightful companion on the journey of discovery.

🔍 Unlike traditional guides that lure people to check-in spots for photos, SCANNOW enriches the entire exploration journey. We lead you to discover local hidden gems that may have unique characteristics in daily life, delve into the stories behind brands, and present them in the app.

Moreover, SCANNOW introduces the "Explore to Earn" rewards program. Simply visit the small shops in the app and scan the QR codes provided by SCANNOW to earn S-points, which can be exchanged for exquisite gifts once you accumulate a certain amount of S-points! Also, enjoy discounts when you consume at SCANNOW's partnered merchants!

💡 We continuously get to know passionate local brand founders, from cozy cafes to artisanal boutiques, hear their unique stories, and experience the best service and products they offer. Scannow's mission is to help more valuable local brands reach more people.

Download Scannow now and dive into a world of hidden treasures and unforgettable experiences!


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