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SCANNOW Shop - Hong Kong Local Brand Recommendation| slooowave - 丘山 |

| slooowave - 丘山 |

【Product Introduction】

The Mountain Wave incense contains the gentle milky aroma of Vietnamese Agarwood and the unique citrusy scent of Peruvian Palo Santo, presenting a subtle and natural fragrance that brings comfort and relaxation. It's perfect for unwinding after a bath or when you need to calm your mind. Burning a Mountain Wave incense helps you create a tranquil space for yourself and enjoy some peaceful moments.

Ingredients: Peruvian Palo Santo, Vietnamese Agarwood, Amber Powder, and Nanmu Gum Powder. Each box contains 10 incense sticks.

Burning time: approximately 20 minutes.

【Origin】: Handcrafted in Hong Kong.

【Brand Introduction】

Slooowave is a local handmade incense brand that avoids using synthetic fragrances and instead insists on using all-natural ingredients to make incense that corresponds to different seasons and environmental conditions. The team hopes to create a connection between people and nature through blending fragrances and space. The incense is believed to have a calming effect, purifying the body and mind, and promoting harmony and peace. The founder encourages people to pay attention to their current state of mind through breathing and introspection, and to return to a state of balance and tranquility.


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