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Local brands and culture are facing unprecedented challenges. Please don't wait until they disappear to realize their true value. Don't wait until the end of a project or holiday to remember those people or brands with great mission! SCANNOW always sticks to its original intention, promoting local people, events, and products with heart and value. We now launch the #explorehklocalNOW project, hoping everyone will continue to pay attention to and support local brands. Everyone can do a little more to show support and discover people and things in the city with passion and mission. Here's a simple #plan that everyone can do in their daily lives: 1.Explore and discover people/brands/stories with great ideas and value in daily life! 2.Simply add #explorehklocalNOW to your IG STORY/POST/REELS! 3.Share with your friends, especailly to those EXPLORER #explorehklocalNOW #explorehklocalNOW #explorehklocalNOW


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